Invest in Cryptocurrency

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Always use your own judgement whether you invest in any currency due to the fluctuating value of the market price whether it is Gold, Silver or Cryptocurrency.

Have you thought about investing in Cryptocurrency?

I personally tried my hand in investing in Ethereum and bought $1.00 just to test it out so to speak, and the amount I bought has already doubled and has stayed doubled ever since to my knowledge. In just this month January 2018, at the time of this post, Ethereum has had a low of $601.90 and a high of $1,402.44 and the current price at the time of this post is $985.98.

Personally, I didn’t know much about Cryptocurrencies until recently. Sure, I knew there was a Bitcoin but I didn’t know what it was or why it was around $250 a Bitcoin a few years ago. Now the current price of a Bitcoin at the time of this post is $10,765.13. If I had known that Bitcoin would be worth that much now, and if I would have bought even 1 Bitcoin for around $250, I would have had at least $10,000 now.

Now, I’m not saying to spend large amounts of money on Cryptocurreny that may or may not raise in price like Bitcoin. But when the time is right, it may be a good idea to invest in a Cryptocurrency. Here are the current prices of some Cryptocurrencies. All of these can be purchased at this link


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If you don’t know about cryptocurrency or not to sure about it’s worth, due to considering it’s fluctuating value and prices, you may want to click one of these links or fill out the form in the left sidebar for info about investing in gold. China and India residents are welcome to invest in gold from Regal Assets.